Recording a tenant payment made directly to a rental owner

  1. To ensure the ledger's accuracy.
  2. If the management fee policy is based on a percentage of collected income, this money should be included in the calculations.

To record this in Buildium:

  1. Navigate to Rentals > Rent roll.
  2. Click on the lease you want to record the tenant payment on.
  3. From the lease summary page, click on the Financials tab.
  4. Issue a credit to record the money that was paid directly to the owner. Add the credit as usual and use the following settings:
    • Date - as appropriate
    • Amount - as appropriate
    • Credit action - choose the third option to Issue credit for payments previously deposited. Choose Owner Draw Equity as the offsetting account.
    • Memo - as appropriate
    • Apply the credit as appropriate to the situation.
  5. Click Save credit.

If this happens on a regular basis because the tenant always pays the rental owner directly, consider using a recurring credit.


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