Troubleshooting: Why aren't my listings posting?

From time to time, your listings may not syndicate properly. In this article, you'll learn to identify the most common issues and how to troubleshoot them.

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Common issues encountered with listing syndication.

  1. Not enough time has passed since you posted the listing: Buildium requires 24-48 hours to update all of our syndication partners with your listing data. If you've just published a rental listing or made a change, please wait a day or two before checking for the update with our syndication partners.
  2. Incorrect availability dates: One of the most common issues you run into with listing syndication is that there are incorrect availability dates listed.

    Make sure that your rental listing dates are current and that "today" falls between the two listing dates.

  3. The rental unit is also listed "for sale" on Zillow: Zillow has a restriction that prioritizes home sales over rentals. If a home is listed for sale on Zillow, it cannot be listed for rent at the same time.

    The listing agent who posted the "for sale" listing will need to be contacted to remove it.

    When a unit is no longer listed for sale in Zillow, Buildium will automatically add a "for rent" listing through the syndication service.
  4. Zillow requires larger multi-family listings to be paid listings: A property is considered a large multi-family if there are 50 units or more within it. Because of this restriction, a large multi-family listing will not syndicate to Zillow.
  5. If the property name and unit number are not descriptive or have internal codes, then it's possible that our partner services will not publish your listing:

    Our syndication partners use the property's name and unit number to name the listing on their sites.

    For example, let's say that you want to list Unit 4A at 74 Grove Street. In Buildium, the property's name is 74 Grove Street and the unit number is 4A. When you publish to Zillow, Trulia, or Hotpads, we will create a marketing name of 74 Grove Street - 4A. Because this name looks like something the post office and prospective tenants might recognize, it will syndicate properly.

    If your property name isn't listed as the street name, our syndication partners might choose not to publish this listing as it doesn't reflect a valid address. You'll need to update the property name in order for the listing to post properly.


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