If you have a list of vendors you regularly work with, you can import that list into Buildium in bulk instead of manually adding each vendor.

To import vendors into Buildium:

    1. Navigate to Settings > Import data.
    2. Click Upload data file and choose Vendors.
    3. Download the excel template from the before you start section of the pop up window.

    4. The only required field on the vendor import template is the vendor name, but you should include further details such as contact information and 1099 information.
    5. Once you’ve completed and saved the vendor import template, navigate to Settings > Import data.
    6. Click Upload data file and choose Vendors.
    7. In the pop-up window, scroll down to the upload section. From here, click Upload, then choose the completed template file. 
    8. Once uploaded, click Save.

Buildium will validate the file, and let you know if there are any errors. You can click on the error message to view a report that indicates exactly what errors occurred so you can go and make any necessary updates to the template.

If all fields have been validated, a button will appear for you to import the data.

It’s important to know there is NO going back once you’ve hit the “import data” button after validating the files. We do not have the ability to correct any information in bulk once it’s been imported, so you want to double or even triple check the files before you import.

Time Saving Tips

  • Email address formats
    • Check your email addresses and make sure they conform to the standard “name@serviceprovider.com” - the most common error will be a missing @ symbol or an incorrect punctuation mark. For example, you might find “sample@provider,com” and the comma causes the error.


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