Export a Canadian Automated Funds Transfer (AFT) File (CPA005)

Buildium offers our Canadian customers the ability to initiate electronic funds transfers from their residents' bank accounts. These online payments can be processed in a simple process:

  1. Produce an export file from Buildium
  2. Submit this file to your bank or credit union for processing
  3. Your bank gives you a confirmation file to import into Buildium.

The export file is output in the Canadian Payments Association (CPA) Standard 005 format. We produce the 1464 byte file.

Prepare your Buildium application settingsShowHide

This feature is only available for Canadian customers, where the region settings under Address format can be set up to have Canada as the default country.


Prepare the tenant or association owner for AFT exportShowHide

Decide which tenant or association owner will pay each month's charges. The export can only process from one person on a single lease or ownership account.

When your region settings are set to Canada, the form is updated to add an area to collect the necessary information for this AFT export file.

Navigate to the resident summary page and click Edit personal information to update details with the AFT information.

To note, the amount pulled is the total of all recurring charges regardless of charge date. This means past and future charges are included in the amount.

Buildium strongly recommends that you use a voided check to enter the bank details.


Prepare your bank account for AFT exportShowHide

Before the AFT export file can be created, you'll need to update your bank account with an account, transit, and institution number. These fields will appear as soon as you change your region settings and the Address field to Canada.

Exporting the fileShowHide

Once your account is set up correctly, you're ready to process.

When it's time to collect rent or association fees, typically once a month, use the following steps to produce the AFT export file.

If you're not sure what your Data centre or Originator ID are, ask your bank.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Export Data.
  3. Click on the Canadian AFT File (CPA005) link. This link only appears for Canadian customers. see "Regional settings" for more detail.
  4. Complete the form and generate the report.


  5. Click Download file.

Import a confirmation file from the bank into BuildiumShowHide

Once the AFT export file has been processed and the money has been added to your bank account, you'll need to add the payments into your Buildium account.

Have your bank produce a text file that matches the parameters of our Payments (lockbox) file.

When that file is ready, import it into your Buildium account.


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