Sample reports


Other report formats are available and can be generated in the software.

When to use it

  • View all bills and payments recorded to a vendor or vendors for a specified time frame.
  • Determine total amount of bills and total amount paid to a vendor or vendors.

Generating this report

  1. Go to the Reports menu .
  2. Click the Vendor Ledger link.
  3. Select your report parameters. More details:


    Parameter What it means

    Select a single property, association or rental owner, or a group of properties, associations or rental owners, using the filter box. You can also select all properties.


    Select the vendor, or vendors, for which you'd like to run the report.

    Date range

    Selects the period for which the software will generate the report.

    Report format

    Choose from PDF, legacy PDF, XLS, XLSX, or CSV.

    Include inactive properties

    Financials from inactive properties will appear and affect the balances on the report.

  4. Click Download report.


This report is very similar to the information you'd find on a vendor ledger page.

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