What is EZMail, and how do I use it?

With Buildium’s EZMail,  we’ll print, stuff, and mail statements, letters, and notices from a state-of-the-art printing facility for just $0.80 per one-page mailer (including printing, postage, paper, and envelope) and $0.15 per each additional page.

EZMail is shipped from our processing facility either same day, or next business day.

We ship Monday through Friday by US Postal Service First Class mail, and EZMail received over the weekend is first in the queue on Monday morning. EZMail is not processed on the weekend or on federal holidays.

EZMail is automatically set up in your account, and can be used as soon as you’ve added your data into the system.

How to use EZMail

The first step in the EZMail process is to generate a mailing:

    1. Navigate to Communication > Mailings.
    2. Then, click Create a mailing.
    3. When choosing a mailing layout, make sure to select the standard layout that says EZMail Compatible. EZMail is only available for mailings produced in our standard format.

Once a mailing has been generated:

    1. You’ll have the option to print manually, EZMail, or Email PDF.
    2. Select EZMail.
    3. Review the order form, then click Place Order.

We have several processes in place to ensure and verify that the mailings have left our facility.

  • First, we utilize a presort house that picks up printed checks from our production department three times during the day.
  • Next, we verify counts to make sure that the number of checks we print match the number we insert into envelopes on our insert machines.
  • Along with that, we also have a verification system that takes a picture of the mailing in the envelope when it is on the inserter machine.

Once the mailings enter the US Postal Service mail stream, we are unable to track them or their delivery. However, if non-delivery is due to an undeliverable recipient address, the mailing will be delivered to the return address.

How to cancel an EZMail

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel an EZMail order once it has been sent. 


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