How do I send emails from Buildium?

For example

  • You want to let all of your rental owners know that you're now offering a new service and they'll get a discount if they sign up by next Thursday.
  • Send a monthly email newsletter to your tenants and association owners.

To use this feature:

  1. Navigate to Communication > Emails.
  2. Click Compose email.
  3. First, select Add recipients and select who you want to send the email to.
  4. You can select recipients in multiple groups, and use the filters to easily find who you need.

    Note: If you are using an email template instead of manually composing an email, you can only select one recipient type for the template to become available.

    When you've selected everyone you need, click Close.
  5. Select your sending options and choose an email address to send the email from.
  6. If you are using an email template, select the template then make any needed adjustments to the subject and content.
  7. If you are manually writing an email, enter the content in the window. 
  8. When you're finished, click Save to send the email.


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