How do I enter bills into Buildium?

In Buildium, bills are a way to represent that an expense is owed to a vendor. 

Synonyms include accounts payable or invoice.

For example:

  • After fixing our leaking septic tank, Johnny's Professional Services issued our company a bill that needs to be paid.
  • Since our company uses accrual based accounting, we use Buildium to keep track of our unpaid bills.
  • I just received an electricity bill in the mail.

To show an expense to a vendor it's not required to enter a bill beforehand, but the bills section of Buildium can help you keep track of due dates, and allow you to enter the amount due as soon as the invoice hits your mailbox.

If you want to record an expense to a vendor without using the bills function, you can simply record a check to a vendor instead.

Add a billShowHide

Save time! Access this feature from any screen using the shortcuts menu.

  1. Navigate to Accounting > Bills.
  2. Click Record bill.
  3. Enter the bill's due date and select the vendor who sent the bill. If the vendor is not in the Buildium system, use Add vendor to add their information.
  4. Enter a detailed memo, and select which property the bill is for. If you have a bill from one vendor for multiple properties, you can enter a line item for each property on the same bill.
  5. Select the expense account type and amount for each line item.
  6. Once you've completed the form, click Save.


Entering a bill just tells the system that money is owed to a specific vendor. Because of this, the expense will not show up on a rental owner statement until it has actually been paid. 

Email billsShowHide

  1. Navigate to Accounting Bills.
  2. Find the bill that you want to email.
  3. Open the quick menu and then click Email.
  4. Fill out the form and send the email. Your bill is included as an attachment to this email.


Print billsShowHide

  1. Navigate to Accounting > Bills.
  2. Open the quick menu and then click Print.
  3. Click Print. The software will produce a PDF that you can print and distribute.


Create draft bills ShowHide

Save incomplete bills as drafts, so you won’t lose your progress in case you need to step away. Navigate to the Bills > Invoice Files page under the Accounting menu. Here, once you upload an invoice, click on Convert to bill and enter in the bill details. At the bottom of the page, you will see the option to Save as draft. Clicking on that lets:

  • You to put a bill on hold so that you can make sure it does not get paid by another staff member
  • The payables team who enter bills to save their work and return to the draft later, so that they don’t lose their work if they’re not ready to save a bill in Buildium.
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