Return Code (R20) - Policies/regulations restrict activity to this account.

What it means

The bank account cannot accept this EFT because it is a bank or credit union's bank account with another financial institution. This return code means that the bank account routing number and account number were both entered correctly.

How to fix it

For tenant payments, Association owner payments, and rental application fees

Contact the resident or applicant to find out how they'd like to proceed. They must use a different bank account when resubmitting the EFT.

For rental owner and vendor payments

Contact the rental owner or vendor to find out how they'd like to proceed. They must provide a different bank account.

Buildium strongly suggests you get epayment information from a voided check. If a voided check is unavailable, get a letter from the bank or another "official" document.

Formal Definition

R20 Non-Transaction Account

The ACH entry destined for a non-transaction account, as defined in Regulation D, would include either an account against which transactions are prohibited or limited or a pass through where the entry is for a credit union or thrift organization and Regulation E descriptive requirements cannot be met.

Article #: 112266


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