How do I pay rental owner disbursements with ePay?

The first step to paying a rental owner online is to make sure you've entered their payment information.

Click here to learn how to add rental owner ePay information

To pay a rental owner electronically:

    1. Navigate to Rentals > Rental owners.
    2. Click Owner draw, and select by EFT.
    3. In Step 1 of 2, select the rental owner that you would like to pay.
      If you need to pay many rental owners, select All. Only those rental owners who have epay information in Buildium will be included in this selection.
    4. If necessary, select the bank account that should be used in the online transaction. Only bank accounts that have a merchant account and online payment capability will appear in the list.
    5. Check the authorization box.
    6. Buildium will calculate the available balance for each property. You can override this suggested amount by typing a new value into the Amount field.
    7. Select the rental owners you would like to pay by checking the box next to their individual properties. There is a master checkbox that will select all properties in the top row of the list.
    8. Click Save.


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