We try to keep Buildium running as best we can all of the time. If you think that Buildium is acting slowly, try the following.

We know there's a lot on this topic, but a slow connection can be caused by a lot of things. We put the most common fixes towards the top.

Are you on a wireless or wired connection?

Wireless connections tend to be less reliable than wired connections.

  • Is your router working correctly?
  • Is your cable modem working correctly?
  • Can you watch a movie on YouTube?
  • Can you get to Yahoo! to do a web search?

In general, the lights on a modem should be green and they should blink. If they don't - if the lights are yellow/amber or if they're "stuck" for a long period of time - restart the modem

Is an add-on causing trouble?

Try accessing Buildium without any add-ons or with another browser. There's usually a program called Internet Explorer (no add-ons)" under the Windows start menu - Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools.

Firefox has a similar feature as well.

Is Buildium (yoursubdomain.managebuilding.com) a Trusted Site?

It's possible that your operating system, firewall, or web browser’s security settings are slowing your download speed. This is common when using Vista and/or Internet Explorer.

In Internet Explorer: Go to Tools>Internet Options> Security>Trusted Sites. Add the customer's subdomain (yoursubdomain.managebuilding.com) to the list of trusted sites.

Do you meet our suggested minimum bandwidth requirements?

Go to www.speedtest.net.

The minimum download bandwidth required is 1000 kilobits/second.

Are you using a supported web browser?

On a computer running Windows, you can use:

  • Internet Explorer 11 and later versions
  • Edge (2 most recent versions)
  • Firefox (2 most recent versions)
  • Chrome (2 most recent versions)

On a computer running Mac OS X, you can use:

  • Safari (2 most recent versions)
  • Firefox (2 most recent versions)
  • Chrome (2 most recent versions)

Is there a problem "on the wire" between your computer and Buildium's web servers?

  1. Open a command window
    • Windows users click Start Menu > Run > “cmd”
    • Mac users open a Terminal window.
  2. At the prompt, type “tracert www.managebuilding.com
  3. Click Enter

The computer will trace a route between your computer to Buildium’s servers. It tracks how long each "hop" along the way takes in milliseconds. If the connection fails or is very slow at any of the non-Buildium points on the traceroute list, then the issue is with your internet service provider and not with Buildium. Buildium only has control over the rackspace.com and Buildium.com servers.

Dropped connections will appear as an asterisk (*).

Slow connections will seems out of place. For example, if the majority of your "hops" takes about 10 milliseconds and if one of the "hops" takes 500 milliseconds, then the 500-millisecond hop might be the cause of the slow connection.

Is the problem limited to one specific area of the site?

If so? Which one? Our team will need to know the exact steps you're taking to find the issue. see "Help, support, and system status" when you're ready to tell us what's going on.

Are you running a Proxy Server?

This means that your computer goes through a second, internal web server before it is allowed to access the internet. Check the settings for your web browser. If this is the case, and if the proxy server must stay in place, then you should talk with your IT group.

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