How do I add rental owner ePay information?

Once you've been approved for ePay, you can start paying rental owner disbursements electronically. Outgoing payments are made using EFT/eCheck. You cannot make outgoing payments with a credit card.

Before you can pay a rental owner online, you need to tell Buildium about the recipient's bank account information. You can send money to a checking or savings account.

We strongly advise that you rely on a voided check or some other official bank document to acquire an accurate routing and account number.

To add rental owner ePay information:

    1. Navigate to Rentals > Rental owners
    2. Click the name of the rental owner you want to add epay information for.
    3. From the rental owner summary page, select the Financials tab.
    4. Click ePayment settings.
    5. From the ePayment settings page, select Add EFT account.
    6. In the window that appears, complete the form with the owner's account information.
    7. Click Save.
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