Buildium considers units the leasable spaces within a property.

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There are two ways to add units to a property. You can add units during the initial property set-up, or add units once the property has already been created.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. How to add units during initial property set-up
  2. How to add units to an existing property

1. To add units during initial property set-up:

    1. After you’ve filled out the Add property form, click Create and add units.

    2. On the unit generation page, click into the unit numbers and edit them if necessary. You can can use letters or words as unit numbers, too.

      You need to add a leading zero to any single digit unit numbers if you want the list to populate in numerical order. This means for unit 1, you would enter it as unit 01.

      With no leading zero, a list of 10 units will show up with unit 1 followed by unit 10, then the rest of the single digit numbers moving forward. Adding a leading zero will properly order your units from lowest to highest.

    3. Add market rent amounts and square footage for each unit, and edit the unit address if necessary.

    4. Once you fill out the form, click Create units to be brought to the new property’s summary page.


2. To add units to an existing property:

    1. Navigate to Rentals > Properties, and click on the property name.

    2. From the property summary page, navigate to the Units tab.

    3. Click Add unit to add an additional unit to the property, and fill out the form.

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