Rental owner ending balances report


Sample reports

Other report formats are available and can be generated in the software.

When to use it

  • Determine the amount of funds an owner has at a given point in time.
  • View the tenant deposits held on a property as well as the reserve amounts you have set per property.

Generating this report

  1. Go to the Reports menu .
  2. Click the Rental Owner Ending Balances link.

  4. Click Download report.


  • If your balances don't tie to other reports or bank balances, consider the following:
    • Are all properties owned? Unowned properties will not appear on this report.
    • Do any inactive properties still have assets associated with them? Make sure to select the option to include inactive properties when running the report.
    • Have all of the funds been deposited into the right bank account? Run a balance sheet to confirm that all funds have been deposited correctly and/or transferred correctly.
    • Reconcile your bank account. This report will show uncleared transactions.


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