The Buildium mobile app creates a better, faster, and more streamlined mobile experience for you and your staff members.

Functionality includes:

  • Ability to receive manual payments
  • View property and association information
    • Open property addresses in maps
    • Add property details (including photos and notes)
  • View contact information for residents, staff, and vendors
    • Call contacts directly from app
    • View tenant lease information
  • Global search
    • Quickly find a unit, lease, unit owner or file with our easy to use search functionality
  • Create, filter, and view tasks
    • Add task details (including photos and notes)
  • Access to Showings Coordinator
  • Navigate directly to Tenant Turner while on the go, without having to log in.

App Shortcuts

App shortcuts are links to features within the mobile app that are accessible from the app's icon on the home screen. Clicking on a shortcut will immediately bring you into the related flow in app.

You can quickly access home screen app short cuts on both iOS and Android devices. Each user has a unique set of actions they can access:


  • Create task
  • Send message
  • Receive payment
  • Log violation

Rental owner

  • Run report
  • Create request
  • Send funds

Dual user

  • Create task
  • Send message
  • Send funds
  • Run report

Available NOW in the Apple Store

Available NOW in the Google Play Store

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