Rental owner portal - how owners see it

This topic discusses the stock, out-of-the-box options available to the rental owner. More pages can be added to the rental owner's experience through the rental owner user role.

Grant access to the Rental Owner website.

Financials and General Ledger

The Financials page informs the rental owner of their properties' income and expense activity. The rental owner can drill down to specific line items within the General Ledger.


Rental owner ledger

The rental owner ledger shows all owner contributions and owner draws.



The Documents page shows all files that have been shared with the rental owner. For example, a management agreement or property condition reports.



The Requests tab allows for the submission of maintenance requests. Each request has a full history, so your rental owner can be kept up-to-date on all of their concerns. Requests appear as tasks in the manager site.

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The Reports tab allows rental owners to run selected reports about their properties on demand. Data is updated in real time.

The reports listed here can be changed through the rental owner user role.


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