How do I track tasks and maintenance in Buildium?

Adding a task is like adding another item to your to-do list.

Some tasks, like maintenance work, are requested by residents or owners. Other tasks, like a walk-through inspection or an apartment showing, are going to be created by you or another staff member.

Buildium allows you to classify tasks in a few ways:

To do A to do is a catchall for anything that has to get done. This task type is created by staff.
Resident request A task created by a tenant or association owner through their Resident Center account. These requests are also able to be created by staff members, too. When you add a resident request, a notification will automatically be sent to the resident to let them know that the task has been created.
Rental owner request A task created by a rental owner through their site. These can be created staff, too. When you add a rental owner request, a notification will automatically be sent to the owner to let them know that the task has been created.
Contact request A task created by a visitor to your public website, and is something that requires you to follow up with someone by phone or email.

Save time! We've got an email notification about this feature that you may find quite convenient.

Tasks can be used in conjunction with work orders, too.

Add a task

Save time! Access this feature from any screen using the shortcuts menu.

  1. Navigate to Tasks > All tasks.
  2. Click Add task. Select the type of task that you wish to create.
  3. Complete the form.

    Save time! Use email notifications and the due date field to set up a reminder and stay on top of your work.

    Resident requests, rental owner requests, and prospect requests allow you to enter the contact information of the person making the request.

  4. Click Create task.


 Add a recurring task

For example:

  • Monthly maintenance or landscaping work
  • An annual reminder to change the batteries in a smoke alarm
  • Prep work for a monthly meeting with the board of a condo association
  • Check the lights in the parking lot
  • Renew permits or licenses for elevators

To add a recurring task:

  1. Navigate to Tasks > Recurring tasks.  
  2. Click Add recurring task.
  3. Complete the form.
  4. Click Save.


Recurring tasks process through an overnight batch process that occurs once a day. If you need to add a task to work with now, add it manually.

Click here to learn how to edit or update a task

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Click here to learn how to attach a work order to a task

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