How do I add a vendor credit?

For example:

    • When I paid for new a new staircase, I was initially charged $400; since I already paid and it ended up costing only $350, I was given a $50 vendor credit.
    • I prefer to receive vendor credits instead of an actual refund since it reinforces the strong relationship I have with my vendors.
    • Cashing in vendor credits is just as valuable as real money in the eyes of a vendor.

In Buildium, you can enter and process credits you receive from a vendor. When you use a vendor credit, the amount due to the vendor will be reduced by the amount of the credit issued.

After a vendor issues a credit to you, you must enter the credit information in the Buildium system.

Once the vendor credit has been recorded, you can then redeem the credit by applying the credit against an outstanding bill. see "Pay bills".

Add a vendor credit

  1. Navigate to Accounting > Bills.
  2. Click Record credit.
  3. Complete the form.
  4. Click Save.


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