If an owner or vendor loses their copy of a 1099 form you’ve filed through Buildium, or if something got lost in the mail, you can order a reprint.

Reprints are the option to use if all the information that was sent to the IRS is OK, and you simply need another form because the original was lost. If you need to make a change to an already filed 1099 form, file a correction instead.

To reprint a 1099 form:

1. Navigate to Accounting > 1099 tax filings.

2. Then, click Reprint e-filed forms.

4. To place the order, check the box to agree to the affidavit and click Place order.

5. If you don’t choose the option to have the recipient reprint forms shipped directly to you, reprints are sent to the recipients by USPS first class mail. There is not an option to email, manually print, or overnight ship reprinted 1099 forms through Buildium.

Article #: 112180

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