Return Code (U02) - Account is on the "known bad" list

What it means

Our ePay processor has tried to use this bank account and routing number in the past. It didn't work; the transaction was returned by the bank because the numbers did not correspond to an active bank account.

Our ePay processor will not try the bank account numbers a second time, expecting the same unsuccessful result.

For example, Nina made a payment online using her bank account in February. She used account number 12345678. Unfortunately, after a few days, it was returned R03 - Account is closed because her actual bank account number is 1234567. The 8 is an extra digit. She corrected the number and the payment went through.

In March, she makes a payment with the same number, 12345678. Notice how the 8 is still included in the number. This time, the transaction is returned immediately because it's on the "known bad" list. The ePay processor learned in February that the 8 causes the transaction to fail; so they tell her immediately when she tries it again.

How to fix it

Confirm the bank account and routing number at the bottom of the check. Carefully retype those numbers into Buildium and try the transaction again.

If this return code persists, contact Buildium. Tell us the details of the transaction: date, name, amount, routing number, last 4 digits of the account number, and so on. We will contact our ePay processor and have the bank account removed from the "known bad" list.

Once we confirm that this is complete, wait 24 hours and try again.

It takes a full 24 hours to change the "known bad" list. If you try again too soon, you will extend the time it takes to make the change by a full day. Please be patient.


Article #: 112875


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