Return Code (R08) - Account holder has stopped payment on this single transaction.

What it means

The person who owns the account (i.e. the tenant) has placed a stop payment with their bank.

How to fix it

For tenant payments, Association owner payments, and rental application fees

Contact the resident or applicant to find out why they stopped the payment and how they'd like to proceed.

Once a transaction has been returned with this code, the same bank account cannot be used in a future transaction. Doing so could result in a fine. To avoid this, you should be careful to use a different bank account and delete any recurring payments.

For rental owner and vendor payments

Contact Buildium before you place a stop payment to resolve your issue. If you place a stop payment, this will usually result in your merchant account being placed on funding hold until the issue is resolved.

Formal Definition

R08 Payment Stopped

The Receiver has placed a stop payment order on this debit entry

Article #: 112257


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