Return Code (R06) - ODFI has requested RDFI to return this item.

What it means

The associated EFT has been returned after a proof of authorization process.

How to fix it

For tenant payments, Association owner payments, and rental application fees

Contact the resident or applicant to find out how they'd like to proceed.

For rental owner and vendor payments

Contact the rental owner or vendor to find out how they'd like to proceed.

Buildium strongly suggests you get epayment information from a voided check. If a voided check is unavailable, get a letter from the bank or another "official" document.

Formal Definition

R06 Returned per ODFI's Request

The ODFI has requested that the RDFI return the ACH entry. If the RDFI agrees to return the entry, the ODFI must indemnify the RDFI according to Article Five (Return, Adjustment, Correction, and Acknowledgment of Entries and Entry Information) of these Rules.

Article #: 112256


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