How to change your hold days

If you'd like to make EFTs faster and decrease the amount of time it takes to receive payments from residents, or to pay rental owners and vendors, complete a hold day change request form.

Beginning August 1st, 2019* hold day fees are:

Hold Days Transaction Fee
1-day hold $1.00 per transaction
0-day hold $1.45 per transaction

*Hold-days are based on business days. Prices are subject to change. Please see the ePay settings page in-app for the most up-to-date pricing.

To change your hold days

  1. Navigate to Accounting > Banking.
  2. Click the name of the bank account you'd like to request a change in hold days.
  3. Click the ePay settings tab.
  4. Click Edit EFT, then Change hold days.
  5. Complete the form.

    You can speed up the change process by clearly explaining your reason for needing a reduced hold time on the form. "I want to get money to my owners in a shorter time frame" is a better explanation than "I want money to move faster" because it offers more context about your intentions.

  6. When the form is complete, click Next: Review changes.


  7. Review your completed form.

  8. Submit changes.


What's next?

Once you send in the form:

  • If approved, your hold day change will be updated automatically in Buildium. We'll send an email to the Buildium account owner.

    From time to time, your requested hold days may not be granted. In these cases, we will sometimes grant a "counter offer" of sorts. For example, if you asked for a 0 day hold on both deposits and withdrawals, your request may be declined for deposits and approved for change for withdrawals.

    For this reason, it's important to look at your hold days once the approval comes through.

    If you'd still like a smaller hold period than what has been granted, wait 30-60 days and try again.


Article #: 112232

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