How do I set up listing syndication for vacancies?

Advertising your listings is easier and more powerful with Buildium. We’ve teamed up with the leading online rental listing sites so that you can set up and share your vacant units with millions of prospects in just a few clicks.

Once you have enabled this service, your listed residential units will post to the following network sites:


  • Please scroll down to learn about Zillow Group's updated listing syndication policies
  • Learn more about posting listings to Craigslist

To adjust listing settings:

  1. Navigate to Leasing > Listings
  2. Then, click Listing settings
  3. The listing contact information defaults to what was entered when you created your Buildium account. To indicate a different listing contact, click Add row, fill in each field, and select the new contact as the default. To syndicate to the Zillow Rental Network, your listing contact must have an email address.
  4. Select which partner sites you want Buildium to send your rental listings to by checking the box next to each option.
  5. When you click Save, any vacancy you list through Buildium will syndicate to the sites selected. Your listing will post immediately to your public website and will post to the selected syndicated sites within 24-48 hours.


Click here to learn how to post listings for vacancies

Updated Zillow Group Policies

Zillow Group recently updated their listing syndication policies and will no longer publish listings until you set up a listing agreement directly with the Zillow Group. To learn more about their updated policies and the locations where an agreement is required, please visit the Zillow Help Center.


Article #: 112541


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