Should I use a cosigner or run tenant screenings for applicants individually?

This topics helps you decide the best way to handle a multi-applicant tenant screening: run all applicants together on a single screening or run each applicant separately. There are pros and cons to each option, which you choose depends on the details of your application process.

Once you choose an option, you should stick with it. Adopting a single policy will make running your business simpler and protect you against legal complaints.

Leasing recommendation result

The leasing recommendation considers the credit of all of the applicants.

  • An applicant with a low credit score who has a cosigner with a high credit score will be "recommended."
  • A low-credit score applicant with no cosigner will have a "low accept" or "decline" recommendation.


A leasing recommendation is only provided when all applicants associated with the tenant screening have completed the process.

For example, if you run a credit check on a husband and wife, you will only see the leasing recommendation once both are done. If she completes the process in a day and it takes him a week, you won't see the recommendation for a week.


Price should not be included in your decision; applicants and cosigners are priced the same by Buildium. We only included this section because we know it's a question that comes up a lot.

How you handle passing your costs along to your applicants is up to you. Use Buildium's epay service to save time and process the rental application fee online.


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