Announcement: Buildium Reporting Updates

Buildium has always given you access to dozens of reports to help clarify the health of your managed properties and your business, and we’re excited to announce some new improvements to our reporting capabilities.

Reporting is essential for any business, and providing your staff, rental owners, or association board members with visibility into performance numbers is a great way to stay transparent and open with your business practices.

With these new enhancements, property managers can get faster access to important data, and have more control over the information they really need.

Reporting updates include:

  • A more modern look and feel
  • The ability to view reports directly from within the Buildium system, instead of needing to download the report
  • The ability to click into a transaction in view-mode, to see further details on the general ledger.
  • Filters located on the same page as reports,  giving you quick and easy access to change report parameters to view other properties or date ranges.
  • The ability to customize reports by reordering columns. You can also show or hide columns you don't need to reduce clutter.

Don't worry - we're still providing a download option in addition to a live view, so each user in your account has flexibility in how they prefer to view data.


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