How do I send text messages to association owners?

Once your association owners have opted in to receive text messages, you can send them in the following ways:

Send a text message from the association owner page

    1. In the Search bar, type the name of the owner you'd like to message.
    2. Click the owner's name when it appears in the list.
    3. Under Contact information, you'll see a button to Send Message.

      If the the association owner has already opted-in, you can send a message here. If the owner hasn’t yet opted-in, you can also send them an opt-in request here.
    4. Click the button, and you will be brought to the Messaging inbox. Type in the message, and hit Send. The message will appear on your owner’s phone as a text message.


Send a text message from the Text message accounts page

    1. Navigate to Communication > Messages
    2. Look for the association owner you’d like to message, and click the arrow on the far right side of their name.
    3. Select New message.
    4. The Buildium SMS messaging interface will appear.
    5. Type in the message, and hit “Send”. The message will appear on your owner’s phone as a text message.


When an owner replies back, you'll find a notification in conversation bubble at the top right of your screen.

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