Announcement: Introducing Text Notifications and Messaging Inbox

Time is something we know property managers never have enough of, and spending that precious time searching for text messages and notifications from residents is not the way anyone wants to spend a morning.

That's why we're excited to announce the introduction of text notifications and a communication inbox.

The new inbox feature will display all open text messaging threads so that you can communicate with all residents from one, centralized location.


Previously, it was difficult to find which residents were enabled for text messaging, and to carry on a conversation with them, because their thread lived in a very small icon on the resident summary page. There was also no way of knowing when a new message was received from the resident.

Now, the convenience of real text messaging can now be done through Buildium, without having your personal number published to all your residents. You'll be notified in real-time when you have a new message, and have a modern and streamlined experience to view all your text message threads.

NOTE: Enrolling a resident in text messaging has not changed - and the text message accounts page will still perform the same way. 

To learn more, check out all our help articles on text messaging in Buildium:




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