Blocking Partial ePayments

If you have ePay enabled, Buildium allows your tenants and association owners to make partial online EFT and credit card payments through their resident portals by default.

We're excited to announce that you can now require that all online payments made must be equal to or greater than the current balance owed for a lease or ownership account at the time they are making the payment.

This is a helpful setting if you are in a state with eviction laws surrounding partial payments, or if your company policy is to not accept partial payments.

To apply this setting:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Application Settings.
  2. Click Residents, then select Edit next to Partial Online Payments
  3. Check the box marked “Require full payments”
  4. Save the setting.


Once you have saved this setting, Buildium will prevent tenants and association owners from:

  • Making one-time EFT or Credit Card payments less than their current balance owed on their lease or ownership account.  
  • Setting up recurring payments less than the current balance owed on their lease or ownership account.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. This is a global setting that will apply across ALL leases and ownership accounts in your Buildium account.
  2. Requiring full payments will not affect recurring resident payments that were set up previous to the setting being turned on.

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