Announcement: Add Profile Photos

We're excited to announce that now staff members, tenants, association owners, rental owners, and vendors can upload a profile photo to Buildium. The uploaded photo will display in the navigation bar, where currently a user's initials appear. Profile photos for tenants, association owners and rental owners will also appear on their respective summary pages. 


You can upload an image from your computer, Facebook, Google, or Gravatar. Facebook and Google will both ask for authorization. Gravatar will just ask for the email address associated with the gravatar image you’d like.

Once a photo is uploaded, you can adjust the spacing/sizing of the photo to meet your needs.


NOTE: To comply with security and privacy standards, each user can only upload their own photo. This means that tenants, association owners, and rental owners must upload their own photos  from their portal. A staff member cannot upload a photo for anyone but themselves.

In addition to adding profile photos, we are moving My Settings to where the profile photo appears in the top right navigation bar.

If you do not want this feature enabled, navigate to Settings > Application settings. Then, click Application branding, then profile photos. Doing this will turn everyone to initials only.


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